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Front Page
[*]Twenty-four people who sign up will be divided into three teams.
[*]Teams will participate in challenges that test speed, trust, teamwork, and whatever else Guy and I want.
[*]Challenges will range from puzzles to competitive Pokemon battling, from quizzes/mind games to chess. TS;DR version: Random!
[*]For this game there will be three twists.
[*]FIRST TWIST: Three Teams
[*]Once the challenges are over, eliminations will begin. Discussion of the challenge will also happen.
[*]SECOND TWIST: The team that gets first safe from elimination, second will vote someone off FOREVER, and last will vote someone off to join the team that got first.
After there are ten people left, teams will merge into one. Only the person that wins will be safe from elimination.
[*]THIRD TWIST: To be revealed later.
[*]The last person standing gets added to the Wall of Fame. Once we have ten different people in the Wall of Fame, we'll have a special game where only they can play in.
[*]Join #TheChallenge to discuss the game.
[*][b][color=red]***NEW***[/b][/color] Guy and DNA are running it. You will be completely at our mercy.
[*][b][color=red]***NEW***[/b][/color] The whole game is based around the number three.[/list]
[b][color=green]safariblade[/b][/color] (season one)
TheGuy, oyeah1988, HypnoticLuxray, Deus: Nightmare Autarch, Bippa (season two)

1. PMJ (like a boss)
2. oyeah1988 (what's this doing in my inbox)
3. Porygon-X (he doesn't like himself)
4. Hyper (I do not solicit this)
5. Nengeni (is unusually apathetic)
6. Bippa (sends things in triplicate)
7. Zorua (an apple what-now?)
8. Chillarmy (funovit!)
9. HypnoticLuxray (that was easy)
10. Cinesra (and neither is horseradish)
11. TDL (he hates his phone)
12. alexmf2 (No witty comment here because I had nothing to work with)
13. Blah (It's all in bold)
14. Ice-Dragon★Kyurem (it's actually spelt O u O)
15. Afro-G (no worn-out memes, please)
16. sillykyle (needs moar sonicmoj)
17. Matryoshka (aka Bippa's mindslave)
18. Glaceon (Aren't you forgetting something?)
19. Imakuni? (You're not the real deal)
20. The Yoshi (YOU'RE really cheesy)
21. Lucky Fire (This game is better than Flipnote)
22. ShadowLugia (Okay, no Nazis. Got it.)
23. Legend (Prepare to be amused!)
24. Eevee (Safariblade has been shamed!)

Replacements (if any):
1. [s]Mokoko (No more homework!)[/s]
2. [s]CarlosDuranJr (seems legit)[/s]
3. [s]CFOURCOLTSFAN (I forgot what I was going to say here)[/s]
4. [s]Reshiwott (Your tags are broken)[/s]
5. Naked Snake (kaboom)
6. Infinity (Looks like fun.)


[b]At Game's Start:[/b]

Suns of Pokebeach (Groudon):
1. PMJ (Team Captain)
2. ShadowLugia
3. Imakuni?
4. Nengeni
5. The Yoshi
6. sillykyle
7. Chillarmy
8. Ice-Dragon★Kyurem

Hurricane in Rain (Kyogre):
1. TDL (Team Captain)
2. oyeah1988
3. Zorua
4. Glaceon
5. Afro-G
6. Legend
7. alexmf2
8. Blah

The Air Lockers (Rayquaza):
1. Bippa (Team Captain)
2. Hyper
3. HypnoticLuxray
4. Porygon-X
5. Cinesra
6. Lucky Fire
7. Matryoshka
8. Eevee

[b]Current Status:[/b]
1. PMJ (Team Captain)
2. ShadowLugia
3. CarlosDuranJr - Replaced [i]Imakuni[/i]?
4. Nengeni
5. The Yoshi
6. Chillarmy
7. Reshiwott - Replaced [i]Lucky Fire[/i]

1. TDL (Team Captain)
2. oyeah1988
3. Zorua
4. Glaceon
5. Afro-G
6. Blah

1. Porygon-X (Team Captain)
2. Hyper
3. HypnoticLuxray
4. Cinesra
5. Matryoshka
6. Eevee


[size=large][font=Verdana][color=red][Challenge 1][/color]Team-Building Exercise![/font][/size]
[size=small]And so the three newly-formed teams went and decided to put their heads together, to figure out what person would lead them, as well as which of the three weather titans would represent them in battle. They ultimately decided on PMJ to lead Groudon's "Suns of Pokebeach", TDL to lead Kyogre's "Hurricane in Rain", and Bippa to lead Rayquaza's "The Air Lockers".[/size]

[size=large][font=Verdana][color=red][Challenge 2][/color]Popularity Contest[/font][/size]
[size=small]The teams were initially put to the test with a popularity contest; each team had a couple days to design a Youtube video which would get the most hits in 56 hours. The battle was close, with Hurricane in Rain uploading first but Suns of Pokebeach quickly catching up. In the end, the Suns beat Hurricane by a scant 5 views, whereas the Air Lockers were left behind in the dust. Hurricane chose to eliminate Legend, whereas Air Lockers gave Lucky Fire over to the Suns as a tribute.[/size]

[size=xx-small]Suns of Pokebeach: Winners by a scant 5 views.
Hurricane in Rain: Elimated Legend
The Air Lockers: Lucky Fire given as a tribute[/size]
[size=large][font=Verdana][color=red][Challenge 3][/color]Short Story "S"elebration[/font][/size]
[size=small]The teams were then asked to use their skills in writing to try and put together three stories for their team, each of which revolved around the number 3 in some form or fashion. This round was no contest for the Air Lockers, who promptly sent in 3 stories in quick fashion, whereas the other two teams only bothered to send in 1 each. Air Lockers take the cake, gaining Ice-Dragon★Kyurem from the Suns in the process, whereas Hurricane asks alexmf2 to leave the game permanently.[/size]

[size=xx-small]Suns of Pokebeach: Donated Ice-Dragon★Kyurem to the winners
Hurricane in Rain: Alexmf2 was asked to leave permanently
The Air Lockers: Took the cake by sending in all three stories.[/size]
[size=large][font=Verdana][color=red][Challenge 4][/color]Paint a Pretty Picture[/font][/size]
[size=small]And so the teams were thrust into the action once again, this time to create a picture that would be chess-related in some form or fashion. Despite the long deadline ahead, Suns of Pokebeach failed to produce anything, whereas the two contenders who did send them in had nearly identical total scores. Fortunately, Hurricane in Rain got the win it desperately needed, gaining the newly-instated CFOURCOLTSFAN from the Suns, and the Air Lockers kicked off Ice-Dragon★Kyurem permanently.[/size]

[size=xx-small]Suns of Pokebeach: CFOURCOLTSFAN was traded due to their non-compliance with the rules.
Hurricane in Rain: Pulled off the much needed win.
The Air Lockers: The newly received Ice-Dragon★Kyurem was made to leave permantly.[/size]
[size=large][font=Verdana][color=red][Mini-Challenge 1][/color]What Games have I hosted?[/font][/size]
[size=small]As a small mini-challenge to pass the time while DNA continued working, the players were asked to gather a list of all the forum games TheGuy had hosted and they would receive an immunity. Nengeni managed to win this challenge after asking PMJ to look at all the unapproved threads, taking the immunity for himself.[/size]
[size=large][font=Verdana][color=red][Challenge 5][/color]Who Done It? Part 1[/font][/size]
[size=small]Currently in Progress...[/size]

[b]Reason for playing (or replaying):[/b]
[b]Forum activity level:[/b]
[b]Do you play the VGC?:[/b]
[b]Do you play the TCG?:[/b]
[b]Can you write reports or essays well?:[/b]
[b]Are you an artist?:[/b]
[b]Do you like working with others?:[/b]
[b]Any other members who you would like to play with?:[/b]
[b]Any members you don't want to work with?:[/b][/code]

Don't worry if you answer no to any of the questions, like Are you an artist?. This is all to determine what team you go on ([s]So we can put all the good players on one team[/s] So the teams can be even.)

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